Bacalao Loins


 This is the prime part of a fillet from a large round fish. It is the part of the fillet which is above the spine, sometimes called the top back loin. For steaks  In a pan, heat the olive oil until it starts to smoke, then put in 4 pieces of bacalao -  it is best to fry them in batches so that the oil maintains the ideal temperature. Turn the loins over within 3 to 5 minutes in order to finish the cooking. They should be fried through, nicely browned but still juicy inside. Proceed in the same manner for the second batch. 


Gadus morhua


Loin Portion


100-200 gms/pc 


IQF 1 x10kg

10 x 500gms

20 x 500gms                                           

5 x 1kg

Bacalao Loins
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